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Sasbo, is a Trade Union with 73 000 members that has been representing banking and finance employees since 1916. Sasbo is the only recognised union for employees in 17 South African banks and insurance companies.
Sasbo represents the interest of employees when negotiating and consulting with their employer. Sasbo will represent the interest of members during salary negotiations and negotiations around all service conditions. The employer is also obligated to consult with Sasbo during any restructuring of the company. Sasbo members are also entitled to representation by paid Union Officials in Disciplinary and Grievance Hearings.
No. Non-members will not enjoy representation by Sasbo. If the incident originated on a date when you were not a member, you will not be assisted.
The Union can only make as much noise as what their Union membership allows. If the Union and the company are unable to reach an agreement, but the Union only represent 65% of all staff, the company will only take the Union’s demand serious to some extent. If however, 100% of the staff are Union members, there can be no doubt that the Union enjoys massive support from its members and that they have a clear mandate from all employees.
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Yes Sasbo is affiliated to Cosatu, South Africa’s largest Federation.
No this is your choice. Most of the 73 000 Sasbo members are focused on their careers and do not actively participate in the Union. They rely on Sasbo to take care of them in its interactions with their employer.
Trade Unions normally charge around 1% of your monthly salary as a membership fee. The Sasbo membership fee is restricted to R142.00 per month.

You can join Sasbo on this website  It will only take a few minutes.